When children are engaged in creative thinking 和 h和s-on learning, their cognitive processes are working on all cylinders. Studies have linked creativity to higher academic achievement, 高阶思维, problem-solving ability 和 better memory retention.


Most schools “insert” creativity into their curriculum, usually in the earlier grades 和 in art classes. 在最好的学校, 虽然, creativity isn’t worked in — it’s a way of thinking that is imbued in every aspect of learning, 在每个年级.

在创造性的学习环境中, multisensory learning experiences are designed into the curriculum, tapping into children’s natural curiosity 和 sparking key “learning moments.”

Experienced teachers look for these moments, knowing that one might occur during studio time, 在教室里, in the lab or in the middle of recess.   


The 231-acre campus of Columbus Academy is an exemplar of a school dedicated to stimulating creativity. Its classrooms 和 studios are flooded with natural light. 空气中充满了音乐. 明亮的颜色, 几何形状, whimsical mobiles — even space-age furniture — are all designed to create a home for a child’s imagination. Student artwork lines the halls 和 formal exhibitions are displayed in the two-story Morse Hall gallery.


创新是经济发展的动力. And schools have the responsibility to educate students in ways that foster an innovative mindset. One of the ways this is done at Columbus Academy is through Questworks Innovation Grants. Modeled after the aeronautic “Skunk Works” at Lockheed Martin, 上学校 students can apply for grants to create the technology of the future. Using principles they've learned in class, they make sophisticated working prototypes of projects such as eco-friendly windmills 和 “smart” skateboards that assist with public transportation.

这个项目的唯一标准? They must design something that will make the world a better place.


When a parent asks this question — 和 all do — the answer given reveals the true measure of a school’s worth. Academy parents say that their kids enthusiastically respond. 在任何一天, parents may be treated to a lengthy dissertation on gravity or a painting in the style of Georgia O’Keefe. 在某些日子里, 虽然, a student might reveal that the best part of the day was a quiet walk along the wooded trail when the only sound was birdsong.

For more examples of how schools make discovery a part of their students' daily experience, 看看这些视频: 激发创造力, Funding Student Exploration in 技术 和 Makerspace运动. For more information about the Columbus Academy curriculum, contact us 通过电子邮件 或在 614-509-2220.